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    Friday, January 18, 2008

    Unexpected Happy Lossses

    Six months ago, I weighed two hundred and fourty-five pounds, and I had been on the Depo Provera shot for birth control for over 8 years.

    I lost my medical coverage, and had to give up the shot, which meant the gradual and successive weight gain encouraged by the drug would likely stop, but that I would also have more inconvenience in my life. I loved my amenorrhea, and I miss it still.

    Nobody I know has a scale, and when we moved, ours got packed away into the deep recesses of my mother's garage.

    I've been wanting to loose weight and get back in shape, so about three months ago, I started visualizing myself at my ideal, healthy shape, and living the life I want with my family, ala "The Secret", creative visualization, and other methods based on quantum physics.

    The key is to see yourself already there, and there will come to you instead of the other way around.

    The last couple of weeks or so, folks have been telling me that I look like I've been loosing weight. As is very common for me, I told them that they were either hallucinating or delusional. *chuckle*

    Keeb found a scale when we were cleaning out the garage, and the kids weighed themselves. The sounds of their announcing their weights are what clued me in to the discovery.

    A while later, I saw that the scale was still out and figured I'd prove those poor, deluded souls wrong...

    But when I stepped on the scale, I was in for a surprise; I weighed only two hundred and seventeen pounds!

    Imagine the shock!

    As one of thousands who aren't overweight because of a base lust for food and an inability to stop constantly eating massive amounts of dietarily worthless crap, I am glad to represent those of us who aren't fat because they have food issues. When you have no constant hunger or overeating problems, the Hoodia diet and other appetite suppressants can't help you drop the pounds. No amount of 'shake for breakfast, shake for lunch, reasonable dinner", or specialty diet program is going to help you get rid of a single ounce of extra poundage unless you actually were abusing food in the first place.

    So I bought some V8 fruit blends for when I am too big a rush to make myself something worthwhile to eat, preventing me from snacking on crackers, burgers, or other things that are fast and stave off hunger for a bit, but are not necessarily really good for my body. Nice that I can input some whole foods the instant my body says it's hungry too, so that we don't have that whole 'my body thinks it's starving, so it's 'saving calories for famine' thing either. I've also taken to dragging the DDR stuff with me everywhere we stay. I haven't used it yet, but just keeping it nearby is a step in the right direction.

    It can't hurt anything to help the process along, right? *grin*

    Update: I began writing this over at Keebler's mom's place yesterday, after weighing myself last week. So far, I've been eating meals the same as usual, but supplementing with an 8oz glass of juice when I'm feeling snacky-hungry. This has inadvertently led to my not being desperately hungry when meal time finally arrives, so I don't eat as much at meals as I used to. I'm also not grumpy between meals anymore because I'm not having dangerous dips in my blood sugar. I'm probably getting about the same amount of calories throughout the day, but more vitamins, and spread out more, resulting in less fluctuation in my glucose levels.

    I weighed myself again today, back here at home, and the scale now shows my weight at 208lbs!

    Will I be under 200lbs for the first time in over 5 years by next week? Stay tuned, same fat time, same fat channel!

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    lovelife said...

    O i am so happy for you. Good luck keep it up ok.

    Anonymous said...

    Congrats on the weight loss.
    Sounds like the juice during the day has helped with the blood sugar drops, a very very very good thing!!

    Moosie said...

    ok so, i told you about the weight loss support grouip i joined at church. and my form of diet, not counting calories, but being aware of them, which sometimes makes me choose something else, with the same calories that is more healthy. did you know, a salad is only 15 calories before the dressing? and i found one i like that is only 60 cal per serving. fantastic snack. and i have been exercising more. more like being lots more active. with all the veggies i have been snacking on, i feel so much better. and tonight instead of kfc, we went to golden corral where i had roasted chicken instead. though I do think maybe my body is craving some fat. so tomorrow i will use an italian dressing on my salad. hehehe.
    last sunday at our weekly get together, i weighted 155. and now i am off to my bathroom to weigh. I havent looked all week. dont know if this will be good or not, as i am still stuffed from dinner. yeah i know, shouldnt stuff myself. blah blah blah. ok, be back in a min

    Moosie said...

    ok, i dont like my scale. i dont know what i weighed on my scale last week. but now i weigh 157 according to it. could be because i am full, could be the scale. could be i have more muscle now? ugh. butr you know what? im not really depressed about it. I feel better than i have in a long time.

    Anonymous said...

    That's so exciting! Eee! Good luck!

    Rambleman said...

    Congrats on the weight loss! Hope you continue to lose it and start feeling *much* better, happier, and well :-)

    Whimspiration said...

    Poor Moosie. I'll keep you in my happy weight-loosing thoughts. :)

    Thanks for the happy thoughts everyone!

    Sheila said...

    Congratulations on the weight loss! I too believe that diets do not work, that individual lifestyle changes do. Last year I went from 245 to 185. This is the lowest I have weighed in 8 years, so I understand. :)

    Evil said...

    Im so happy for you. I knew DEPO was a evil thing. When I was on it the first time I got preg after 9 months of the shot.
    Now im on it again and went from 145 to almost 200 (i may be at or over 200 im to scared to look). I have also been sick but thats another story.