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    Saturday, January 05, 2008

    More Important Than Math

    I explained my educational methods to someone the other day...

    -I don't care if she memorizes her multiplication tables, but she simply must know all about Jim Henson.-

    I think that summarized it all pretty well. Basic skills come through simply living. Knowing about the real people who changed our world and our hearts is so much more important than some silly numbers on a page. It teaches so much more than any textbook lesson could.

    Our lesson on Henson came when we heard the filk song "a boy and his frog" on one of my burned CDs. It was created to be a tribute to Jim Henson, as sung by Kermit. That started it all, and the girls learned where their favorite characters came from. It took us two hours, but we learned about his life, his creations, his business, and his death, including the funeral. We watched videos and listened to songs on Youtube, including some of their favorite muppet acts.

    They never lost interest. In two hours, they felt the voice of a generation speak out with love, acceptance, and compassion for all mankind, and watched as the man passed on, leaving his legacy to survive and flourish in his wake.

    Definitely more important than math.

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    Sheila said...

    I often feel that some schoolwork can be mundane and that life lessons are the most important!

    Rambleman said...

    I agree that 'important' (if only to ones self) people are sometimes more important than math (which they'll learn as needed.

    Corey~living and loving said...

    I could agree more. :)Great post!