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    Wednesday, December 26, 2007

    Saga of the Dora House

    Keebler, Littlebit and my mother went off to the store to grab dinner and get the little one out of the house so we could set up the Dora house that her grandmother had bought at a yard sale a few months ago (and hid from her). I distracted her with her scooter outside while everyone else put the groceries away, Then we all went into the house together.

    Sitting right there on the living room floor, less than two inches from her foot, was the fully assembled and expanded Dora Talking House, taking up no less than 1.5 square feet of the center of the floor, but she didn't see it. Instead, she asked if there were any more presents to open, and when my mother told her that there as nothing left to unwrap, she picked up a toy and started playing with it.

    All the while, standing right next to the thing she has been begging for for over three months. Finally, My mother got fed up with Littlebit's obliviousness, and had her sit on her lap, facing the house, her other toy, a rubber balloon frog, still in her hands.

    You should have seen her face when she finally spotted it. It definitely wasn't the reaction we had braced for, that's for sure.

    Her face went slack, the toy she was holding dropped from her seemingly-nerveless hands, and for a moment, she was in shock, completely unmoving. Slowly, she slid out of the provided lap and sank to her knees to touch her new treasure, and we all laughed at how long it had taken her to notice it.

    The girls both spent the next two hours exploring the house together, playing Dora-dolls, and generally having a blast until it was time for bed.

    From screaming and bouncing, to quiet, awed shock, this year the gift responses ran the gamut. Pretty good for not having anything to give, or money to buy it with when the month started. *smile*

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    Taj said...

    It's a wonderful thing isn't it! Those reactions are always the best!

    Thank you for stopping by, glad I could make you laugh!!

    Rambleman said...

    Glad to hear she loved her new present.