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    Saturday, December 29, 2007

    No Grass Grows On The Sidetrack

    Working really hard all day to get things done in time for the First Night celebration in downtown Springfield. I would like to have a few new business supplies ready for the event, as well as a specialty celebration book, but things aren't looking good time-wise.

    Amazingly, this time it is not my procrastinating that is getting in the way. Sheldon still isn't fixed, and we've heard nothing about if he will get that way any time soon, so we are relying on my mother to drive us around. Not fun, and very time consuming. Add to that the distraction occurring when I got a message yesterday that one of the local TV stations wants to interview me and another involved person about Freecycle(tm) for the news. I had to run around crazy looking for the FC stuff in mom's garage so we could do the news thing. Look for us on KOLR 10 and KSFX, sometime after 3pm on Sunday.

    I also have been preparing a special little surprise for you for the past week, which I hope to be able to present very shortly. I do have a time-related goal set for this, but we all know what happens when I tell you 'I'll tell you tomorrow" or some such. right? Yeah, I have promised posts sitting from as far back as last February, just waiting for me to finish them for you.

    Sidetrack: What your train of thought travels on when it gets derailed. It is best recognized by it's distinct lack of plant life due to too much use, much like a downtrodden forest trail.

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    WDolphin81 said...

    Sometimes sidetracks turn out to be the best expierences. Enjoy the trip cause it will never happen again.