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    Sunday, December 23, 2007

    Holiday Gifting

    Here's a bit o' Christmas cheer from the Irish Rovers and some silly drunken fellows, combined to make the best rendition (on Youtube) of our family's favorite Christmas song. It's so much a favorite, that I made the chorus into my holiday ring tone last year, and I'm using it again this year.

    The kids made up their holiday wish lists, and it goes something like this;

    Littlebit wants anything Dora, especially the Dora Talking House (which her grandma got her, she just doesn't know it yet), but Diego stuff would be okay too.

    Ladybug is a bit more particular in her desires, however. She wants makeup, especially that which qualifies as "gothic"; maroon lipstick, dark and/or vivid colors of eyeshadow, black eyeliner, red lip liner, etc. She "needs" a RAZR mobile phone, and would "just die" if someone were to provide her with a set of LED "atom" or fire poi. We've had the phone for going on 5 months now, just waiting. We purchased it used, just don't tell her we have one, k? *wink*

    Both girls also want a tiny 7" laptop computer; a pink one for Littlebit and a blue or white one for Ladybug, or course. They're internet addicted, but it's great for their education, so I'm not complaining.

    Keebler wants one of those tiny 7" laptop computers for himself as well, in classic black of course, and a WiFi network drive with a hundred gigs or so to share as a family. Nobody but me currently has a computer in the house, and I am working on this one from wake 'till sleep trying to make our dreams all come true, which makes for no compy for anyone else and a pretty grumptastic family at times.

    I want nothing more than a pair of cover-the-ear noise canceling headphones, and a USB external DVD/RW drive and/or USB to IDE adapter because the replacement drive I got from HP didn't work at all, and now the notebook is out of warranty.

    Our business, however, really wants a little green laptop to match everything else, and a cute little portable USB battery for it too.

    As for the family as a whole, We all want that RV I've been blathering about for the past few years, and we have found the perfect one(s)! Now if we can figure out how to make it ours, we'll have set the stage for every single one of our dreams to come true in very short order.

    Of course, you can always look at lists of other stuff we'd be appreciative for here.

    But what are the gifts we're most thankful for this year? Family, a warm, dry place to sleep, cozy blankets, fluffy pillows, a relatively decent internet connection, and full tummies.

    What have we already gifted? We spent a goodly amount of time as a family hand-crafting home made greeting cards to give out to neighbors, family, and friends. (Don't worry, you'll get one too, mayhaps even twice.) I also gave fresh-baked gourmet bread to my extended family members. And with Freecycle(tm) and cleaning out mom's garage, the giving never truly ends. *chuckle*

    The girls are lucky in that we were not only able to get some gifts for them from the assistance place, but we also found the gift cards we had stashed away for them before moved out of our last place. Otherwise, they'd have nothing at all this year.

    May you get all you want, and want all you get. 'Cause Santa Claus, you know of course, is one of the boys from home! *wink*

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    Rambleman said...

    Hope you got or get everything you want or need. Happy holidays.