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    Wednesday, November 21, 2007

    Family Size Discriminations and the Car Insurance Blues

    Are you in the mood for discrimination? Do you need more than a simple one-person serving?

    Well, you're in luck!

    Here in Springfield, Missouri, we have family size discrimination!

    See, if your family is one or two people, you can live anywhere, in any size apartment, including an efficiency, for dirt cheap. Add another person into the mix, and the chances of getting into even a one-bedroom are pretty slim. Add yet another, and most places will try to mandate that you live in a two-bedroom, despite your desire to size down your life, because the apartment owners and managers all seem to think they know what is best for your family.

    Somehow two people can live in a tiny room with a kitchenette and a bathroom, but four supposedly can't live in two large rooms with a bathroom and a full kitchen. Crazy!

    I guess this type of insanity is common, or at least contagious.

    Still we search.


    My mother has spent the last few days at my grandmother's house, helping out and visiting. This is a sure sign that she's feeling quite a bit better from her accident, though I don't expect that to last for long, as she's now out of her pain medicines she got at the hospital. At least she's had a bit of a respite.

    When she got home, she was seriously ticked! The insurance company called her and told her that the loaner vehicle (that she doesn't like, and that hurts her to drive) has to go back on Monday instead of at the end of the month like they had previously told her. Seems their 'policy' states that, while the coverage amount will cover 'up to' a certain amount, when they total a car, you have literally two days to return the rental, 'cause it's not covered by the insurance anymore. *boggle* Not when you find a new vehicle, not when you get the recovery payment check, and not when you get your "total loss" letter, but two days after they declare it totaled and tell what they will give you for it, on the phone.

    After much wrangling, arguing, and listening to what must've been the most long-winded claims adjuster on the planet (even my mom complained about this woman not being able to shut up!), I was finally able to get the letter emailed to me to print out, and I was able to fax the paperwork they needed to their office, so they can get at least part of her check cut for her car. Of course, for her perfectly working car with it's two brand new tires, they are giving her a grand total of about $700. Wow, that'll buy her something nice.

    I seriously dislike her insurance company. Now she has to either magically find a car like hers that both runs well and she can fit into comfortably, over the holiday weekend, without any money to pay for it (they mail the check), or have me drive her all over hells' half acre to find one after she gives up the rental.

    Lovely, just sunshine and flamin' candydrops lovely.

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    TheRambleman said...

    Don't know what to say. Just that I'm so sorry your family is going through what you are. Well, just know that we're here if there's anything you can think of that we can do to help. *HUGE hugs*

    Evil said...

    I think the housing laws are to stop sexual problems and for sanantery reason.
    For some reason people belive that every family who put more then 3 people in a one bed room are just icky dirty people.
    I came across the laws when I had my first child. We couldnt get a one bedroom even though she was in a crib.
    Later I was told by every appt place I came across that its a law and there is more to the laws then number of people
    2 people per bedroom.
    Children of diffrent sex can share a room untill they are in school. After they they have to have diffrent rooms.
    I knew a lady who lost her kids to her X because they had 2 girls and one boy. The oldest was a daughter and got her own room because she was quite a bit older, had a lot more things (that she didnt want messed with) and Just kind of needed space to get away from the littler ones. So the 2 little ones got roomed together (ages 4 and 5) and she lost the kids.

    I do know of an appt complex that will work with you on that kind of thing, its in rogersville though. But if you ever need a new place and dont mind the move let me know. Its the safest complex I have ever seen, everyone is very friendly, and rogersville is not a bad town at all. Out of all the palces I been in missouri Rogersville and springfield are my faves.