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    Thursday, October 11, 2007

    Snickers From Behind the Counter

    We decided to go out for a snack and some WiFi after Ladybug's writing class last night.

    Littlebit was a bit wound, and an acquaintance of hers was there, so she decided it was time to run & play tag in the restaurant while I was trying to place our order.

    After telling her quietly to knock it off a couple of times, I was pretty fed up, so I growled quietly "you will cease and desist". She stopped running immediately, and I heard a stifled chuckling behind me.

    The manager of the place had overheard me and couldn't hold in her amusement at my statement to such a young child.

    She repeated it a couple of times too, "cease and desist!", all the while giggling.

    It was a fun little bump at our day's end.


    faith said...

    I think it was fun too!

    TheRambleman said...

    Despite the running around playing tag, sounds like a fun time was had by all (once your nerves were settled). *HUGS*