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    Tuesday, October 02, 2007


    Here in the final stretch, things are getting really close. I paid the "hold this place for me" fee on the new apartment yesterday, and did some more paperwork while Keeb & the girls played stick ball at the little baseball diamond down the road.

    This morning I had an appointment for assistance with moving in, but they refused to see me on the account that I was 6 minutes late due to waiting for a fax of information they said I had to have, and not speeding through traffic to get there. They had the audacity to tell me, while steepling their hands in the world-renowned signal for "I am far better than you", that I needed to be more responsible! Because having all the paperwork required, and not speeding on the road is irresponsible. I should have called to let them know I was running late too, they said, as if stopping the car, finding a phone book, and calling them when I didn't even know what time it was to know I was running late, would have made it somehow "okay" that i was late, or would have made me "less late" or some bull. How dare I be a safe driver, and devoted to making it there on time. *hisses and spits*

    They took the next person early when I was two minutes late, and despite my offer to sit there until they had a spare moment to fit me in, their refusal to see me at all, even if I sat there all damned day goes to prove that their only concern is with getting people through the office as quickly as possible, not actually helping anyone. Logically, if they took someone early, all their appointments will be taken early, thus finished early, and so they would have a spat of time at the end of the day in which to fit someone in. Nah, they'd rather get off work earlier than scheduled instead. *rolls eyes* There is no compassion there.

    Just got a call from the old landlord. It was a wrong number, but I did stop him for a moment to tell him that I intended to stop in at the office to drop off an address to which he could send my security deposit sans carpet cleaning fee to, to which he replied that the "damages" to the property and "clean up fees" far exceeded the amount of my deposit. I know he's lying and making things up in order to steal as much money as possible for himself, but that was pretty much a given. In reply, I told him that I expected to receive an itemized list of whatever charges there were to my security deposit, and what they were for. Wish I had the money to retain a lawyer, but I don't so he'll likely get to keep all my money, regardless of how pristine I left the place. On the other hand, he is legally bound to provide for me all of the rental receipts for my time renting there each year. I will stick that to him regardless, as the city will take that up for me if he doesn't comply with the law in this matter. I require those papers within the month.

    I haven't been able to file taxes for three years, and the tax return that I am due would really help out right now and in the coming months.

    The finances are not looking pretty at the moment.


    TheRambleman said...

    That's just rediculous that they wouldn't see you because you were 6 minutes late. JERKS!

    As for the old landlord keeping your deposit, it does seem that they almost always FIND a way to keep it. *sigh* Hope everything works out for the best. Wish we could be of more help. *HUGS*

    Whimspiration said...

    I was told when I was moving out that he was a slumlord and never, ever gave anyone's money back, so I pretty much expected this bull.

    After all of this is over, I plan to reveal the name of the company he runs so that others may avoid the troubles I have had.

    Thanks for the hugs. *hugs back* I really needed that.

    Faith said...

    I sent a comment and I was really eloquent and your blog lost it!!!
    Bah phooey on evil old landlord!
    Didn't he commend you for the good job you did cleaning up when he saw the place? I'd want to know what had changed between his comments that day and his comments about your deposit. Maybe someone else broke in and messed it up?

    Whimspiration said...

    There seems to be a problem lately with the blog doing that. *boggle* Wish I knew what it was or how to fix it. I might have to visit the help forums after I move to see what's the matter.

    Not sure what changed between then and now either, but he's sure to trump up some fabricated bull dung to try and hang me with. *sigh* The only ones who could have broken in and messed up the place after we left would have been under his employ or himself, as we gave him all of the keys we had when he did that walkthrough.

    I did say previously that I would not put it past him to mess up the place, take photos, and try to accuse me of the damage. That's why I took my own photos before I left. I didn't plan on taking chances with him, and in about a week, I plan to go back over there again and take photos of all the grass I planted, because it is just now starting to come up now. The recent rains will make it look better too. *evil grin*

    Nobody, but nobody takes me for a ride like he's trying to.