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    Friday, September 21, 2007

    Posts Missed But Not Forgotten

    The last two days have been blog entry free. Mostly because I hadn't had more than about 15 hours of sleep in the previous week, and I am still getting the landlord's property into shape. No worries however, as I did write the posts on their day, I just didn't ave the time or energy to actually upload and publish them. *blush* Without further adieu, here are the two missing days.

    Sept 19th: Talk like a pirate day

    Yaaar, landlord woke me up this morning knocking on the door. I didn't answer. Sheldon (the yellow car) was missing from the carport, so me hopes that was enough convincing that we were gone at the time. I be hoping that he didn't look in the windows before he knocked and that he knew not that we was home.

    Two more trips from the interior there be left to make, an hour or so of cleanup, and another two loads from outside of the house. I be having to call housing again and discover if my deadline means that I have to have located a place or have moved in by the deadline. Not sure which, so I have to call. Also have to go visit the potential new place if I can and see if there is a snowball's chance of us moving in.

    After threatening to keelhaul the kidlettes and offering to let them walk the plank, they joyfully swabbed the deck, and Ladybug stayed up for a full 23 hours straight in an attempt to get it all done in one day. Wat an unstoppable captain she will make some day!

    Our friend and fellow buccaneer Z attacked an incoming vessel, much to the mock screaming dismay of it's passengers, and pirattitude filled the day, despite the stress of the current situation.

    "A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men" -Willie Wonka quoting Roald Dal in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

    We scheduled for out internet to be turned off today. We're now on dial-up and hot spot wifi only.

    September 20th

    We finished the interior of the apartment! Came to rest at 7:30am, woke
    back up at 10am to return and finish the work. Landlord man came by unannounced just
    before 5pm to take a look at the place and grab a key or two. He walked through with one of
    his maintenance guys, commenting on what a great clean-up job we did, and how great the
    place looked. *grin*

    Of course now we have to finish fixing the outside of the place and taking our plants over to
    my mother's or safe-keeping, but we have until Monday to complete that mission. I also plan to put in a new plywood floor in what was once called the bunny barn since we never did manage to get that concrete floor poured. The barn was the only thing he looked askance at during his walk
    trough tour.

    I am SO tired. We are ALL so very exhausted.

    In other news, I found a wireless signal that I can get from inside my mom's house, but it is
    spotty at best. I can only assume that the folks who have the unsecured wireless network shut
    down everything, including the router, when they are not using their computer.Dial-up is such a pain, and I'm SO not in the mood to be forced to dial-up unless I absolutely have no other choice.

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