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    Sunday, September 30, 2007

    Odd Rest, Good Movie, Bad Circus

    I slept late.

    Oh the glory of sleeping late.

    Well, to be honest, I slept until about 8am, moved into the living room floor, slept another 30 minutes or so, then found a sleep mask and returned to the bedroom for another hour, but that counts, right? After all, I haven't had the time to be lazy in weeks.

    The kids were quiet and peaceful.

    Later, we went to see a movie at the library. If you are interested in accurate history dramas, reenactments, or similar, Give yourself a treat and rent a copy of "A More Perfect Union: America Becomes a Nation". It's all about the work, passion, and devotion that went into forming the constitution. It was very well acted, well made, and while not quite riveting, held our attention quite nicely for the duration and is good enough to share. *grin* Ladybug, Keebler and I really enjoyed it, while Littlebit was a bit young for it and spent most of the movie playing nightlight with her Timex at the back of the room, albeit quietly.

    Since she was so good, we let Littlebit play at the kid's section when we left, and I got a chance to use some WiFi in order to download some internet video for later viewing. Only thing I like about winblows XP is the hibernate function. I've become pretty reliant on it these days, with all of the moving aroud and activities we take the kids to.

    Then on home we went to grab the circus tickets we were given so that Faith & her family could take all the kids to the circus. We had these buy1 get1 free tickets for adults, and free tickets for kids. The tickets lied. The adult tickets were $20 each, and the kids tickets were only good to 11yo kids, or so read the sign at the entrance of the circus. The tickets said an older age, but I wont go into that. It was fun enough, I was told, but not nearly as good as the less expensive (and more professional) circus that comes to town every year. The animals all looked and acted terribly miserable, which I'm sure they were. Circus animals are never treated all that well. And last but not least, the ushers and concessions people didn't speak English. *sigh* I feel really bad that their family had to spend $20 for a show they didn't really enjoy. I wish I would have known, or checked the website, or something...

    Ya know what they say about hindsight, but it doesn't make me feel any better.

    Before bed, I spent a while goofing off on a forum that a friend reminded me of. I had never posted on it, but I'd joined about 3 months ago, and his talking about it got me going again. It was a lot of fun reading their silliness on the board, and a good note to go to end the day with.


    Swrdsong said...

    Lilidh and I were of the understanding that the Circus was the same company that does the Shriners Circus. Same one that comes to town every year.

    Last time we were at that circus, Lilidh had noted the demeanors of the animals...and had also indicated a SEVERE disproval of the situation.

    Whimspiration said...

    I had thought the same, but I must've been mistaken about who ran the circuses. The one at the Shrine is great, and from what I heard this one was mediocre at best.

    Heck the fellow selling souvenirs couldn't even say the word, instead walking amongst the crowd, saying "sew-ears".

    That and the $20 ticket wasn't for just any seat, they were for the worst possible seats. It was $5 extra per person to be allowed to actually SEE the show.

    I was socked to hear that the animals were so miserable. I mean, yeah, circus animals never have it as good as, say, a zoo animal, simply because the excessive confinement is a form of abuse, but even confined animals are happier than how these poor guys were described to me. :(

    TheRambleman said...

    Glad you FINALLY got some sleep and got to sleep in :)

    Sorry to hear that the circus wasn't as good as advertized and that it was also more expensive than people planned :-(

    Glad to hear the movie was good though.