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    Monday, September 10, 2007

    Another Chapter in the Housing Drama

    Quote of The Day "Wow, sounds like he's a dick." <-- Prospective new tenant, talking about the landlord when they came over to see the place unannounced this evening (neither we nor the landlord knew).

    It went like this;

    The landlord had shown them the beautiful unit facing the street, and told them that this one was similar, getting them to sign the lease for this unit sight unseen. He had told them that this building was a duplex, so when they decided to come and look at their new home, they knocked on the second door from the street. Innocent mistake, right? Well on their part it was, but our poor neighbor thought that with how sure they were that they were moving into his place, that our tragedy was also about to befall him. He was horrified.

    Of course, they soon found out where in the quadroplex they were supposed to be, and came knocking on our door. I wasn't here to see all of this because I was off picking up a candy machine from a Freecycle(tm) member in a nearby town. The tale was relayed to me by Keebler. Being a kind guy, he let them in and showed them the place, chatting amiably with them the whole while. He apologized that they were having to stay in that nasty place the landlord had put them in, and talked about how much we all loved this place and how much hard work and love we had put into it. Along the light conversational strand, he said sorry about the mess (we are packing after all), and told them about how the landlord had given us 30 days notice to leave after us being perfect renters for over three years, and how we didn't want to go.

    That's when she said it. Yep, the landlord is a dick. At least she knows before she moves in here. Her grandmother and mother came with her to look at the place too. Maybe once she talks with her roommate (and her family talks to her), she'll back out of the lease she signed. We can only hope.

    They weren't here long enough for him to mention that we have been without a refrigerator for three weeks and he hasn't bothered to try to repair or replace the thing even once, and he forgot the lovely gesture of giving them some fresh natural produce that we also like to do when we have new visitors. *grin* Those two things would have really sealed the deal in our favor in my opinion.

    I'd hate to see such a naive young thing get dicked over by the landlord like we have. Hells, I'd hate for this to happen to anyone!

    I would love a couple more months here to save up, repair the cars to their best possible condition, and find a new place. Of course I have no idea at all how that would work with having started all of the moving paperwork with the government now. Maybe we could cancel the moving out process? It is more likely that we would have to sign another year's lease to stay.

    That would give us more time to save money though.

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    TheRambleman said...

    I'm speechless. I hope it all works out for the best!