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    Friday, August 10, 2007


    Eeyore Lives Again!

    After working in the hot sun for several hours this morning (when it only felt like 100 instead of 108) my mechanic replaced my starter, checked my work on replacing the solenoid, and replaced the new solenoid with the old one again because the new one didn't work. I had, however installed it correctly despite it being completely fragging different from the one I took out. *grin* That is somewhat of an achievement, I think. I am SO not a mechanic, I just play one on You tube. (j/k)

    So the car is finally running again, we finished the errands we started several days ago, and came back home to work our rears off in the yard to get it straight for Saturday's open farm tour and party.

    Despite copious amounts of water, I still ended up with a few of the symptoms of heat stroke around 2pm and had to lie down and take a nap. When I awoke, the carport was nearly immaculate! *shock* I love my Keebler. *grin*

    I cooked dinner, a slightly stir-fried conglomeration of garden veggies that were seriously contemplating excessive softness and some low fat ground beef. A bit of Cavender's, some Lawry's seasoned salt, and some garlic added to the mix didn't hurt it at all. YUM!

    Then my mom called and had me take her shopping since she is currently keeping the kids so we can work more efficiently. Of course she needs food to feed them and is terribly, horribly broke (especially after loaning me that money for the starter), so we returned the old starter for the core fee, returned the new-yet-non-functional-solenoid, and stopped in at the grocery store for a few minutes to grab some necessities for both of our households.

    Moving on...

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    TheRambleman said...

    YAY for running cars, and immaculate carports! *grin*