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    Saturday, August 11, 2007


    'Cause there's not much in the film industry that's cuter than a cameraman with white currant tomatoes on his camera *wink*

    I got on the news today! Yep, nighttime news, with a teaser lead-in and everything. *grin* Not that I was actually shown for more than a few seconds (10 lbs fatter, and all my freckly glory to boot), but there was a lot of good information available in the piece as a whole even if they did rename my business "Yum Buckets" instead of "Buckets of Yum" *chuckle* Overall, I was really pleased with the piece they put together. Luckily, I had used the new Listerine White Strips that I got from BuzzAgent last week, so even my teeth looked great!

    Now on to the fun part. The news channel sent me an intern! For anyone who doesn't know, interns are fully trained, but still highly exuberant. These guys are literally the best folks to have interview you, as they are excited, friendly, and eager to take advice. Of course I was excited too, and by the end of the interview, I was amazed either of us had any skin left, we were trying to jump out of it so often! *laugh*

    I talked about permaculture, building community, inspiring the neighborhood, recycling, and Certified Naturally Grown practices. I gave him some yummy tomatoes to munch, as well as some to take with him to his next interview (or back to the office to share I hoped). He filmed me working in the garden, filmed the fish in a feeding frenzy, filmed the garden plants, and couldn't resist catching some imagery of my little headless scarecrow. *snicker* We worked together to frame the best shots and get the most pleasing visual results for the newsbit. it was really nice working with him.

    All that made it on the news was a bit about growing green and using recycled/reused goodies to garden with, along with a well-defined, but short mention of CNG and what it was.

    For the first time I've ever sent out a proper press release (faxed it into the offices too!), one television responder was a great turnout. Since today was also our open farm tour day (and biggest event to date), we had a lot of extras and such set up like phoenix rides, sidewalk chalking, and an activity table for kids. We had about 20 people stop by, which was our biggest turnout yet. We sold a tomato (yes, just one), some bakery goodies, and a rabbit, and made quite a few new friends. We all had a lot of fun with that.

    Amazingly, I stayed in the heat almost constantly from noon to 8pm and didn't die. I can attribute a lot of that to the fact that Keebler was keeping me pretty well stocked in the beverage department. I'm not really even sunburned beyond a light tinge of pink (forgot the sunscreen). Go Keebler!

    Everyone is exhausted, but it was a great day


    fenix said...

    I have your video tape from tonight! I'll have Warren run it by for you soon.

    Whimspiration said...

    Thanks tons!

    TheRambleman said...

    Congrats on making it onto the news. Very exciting! :-)

    Swrdsong said...

    I saw it..was good... grats!!