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    Monday, August 27, 2007


    So, we worked out a deal with the landlord (sort of). We went and viewed his last available option of a house today and it was adorable! (on the inside, the outside is crap).

    But with a signed contract with him promising to fix and seal the leaky basement, replace the roof, fill the gaps in the door frames, replace all the broken glass in the windows and such, and repair the driveway, I think we may have found something that qualifies as good enough for the coming year. (not that anything has actually happened yet)

    Bonuses are that it has comparable electric bills to here, it is it's own house with it's own yard (full of gravel for the most part), has all of it's appliances, has a good sized kitchen, washer hookups, and is still a small house. It is in a decent neighborhood not far from a nice little park, it is closer to everything we like to do (even if by just a block in some instances), and it has not only a basement (for tornadoes), but also a special room we can use for a playroom for the girls. It also has ceiling fans in almost every room, and the kitchen is centrally located in the house. The best: I get an artist's studio! *grin*

    Drawbacks include no air conditioning (we have a little window unit), gas forced air heat (we use electric space heaters anyway), a horse fly problem (no clue how that happens in a house!), and the driveway is not only right off of a somewhat busy street, but is also at about a 30degree slant. (I don't like slanty driveways in the winter.)

    Accepting this house instead of just moving out of his properties altogether allows us a couple of advantages. First, the tenant there won't be out until the end of the month, then they have to do repairs and clean, which means we can stay here and work on this for a little bit longer. It also means that we don't have to worry about paying another security deposit because this one will transfer over when we move.

    Assuming we put thermal window quilts up when it starts to get cold (or exceedingly hot), and we are really frugal with our electric (when aren't we?) We should be able to keep the utilities down to less than $100 a month.

    The best bonus: With a backup plan installed, I'm less nervous. Being less nervous means I'm more productive, and thus more likely to find a place we all REALLY like instead of having to settle for this one we've said we kinda liked. Because cheaper utilities is far better than could-be-pretty, we are still looking. We're going to be calling around to churches to see if there is any way we can get assistance on the deposit for a new place. All of the places that help as their mission are completely out of funds. I can move in a single day if I have to, and because the first is on a weekend, I get paid right into my bank as soon as the clock turns Friday.


    TheRambleman said...

    Well cool, I hope you find just the right place. This one sounds alright, I think. Anyway, be sure to let us know when the house warming party is. *grin*

    Panda said...

    If you decide on that house you can change the basement into some kind of family room. Then you have extra space and its nice and hommie if you do need to use it for a tornado.

    the next house we buy will have a basement Im very very scared of tornados and it would make me feel safe.

    Good luck on were ever you move, Im sure no matter what place you pick you can turn it into a place you love.