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    Sunday, August 26, 2007

    In Other News...

    The landlord's office called to let me know that I will be able to get a key and look at their last resort for keeping me with their company on Monday, I picked up some paperwork about move-in assistance for paying deposits and pro-rated first few days on new leases, and finally updated the BlogHer advertising code here to reflect us being a part of the (big, well-known T.V. rating company name here) network.

    More stuff left the premises, including two computer towers sans hard drives, older fireworks, and those Polly Pockets that Ladybug hasn't played with in over a year, and nobody wanted to buy. There was whining involved with that, but it subsided quickly.

    I found a couple other places to look at to possibly rent, posted the rabbits and rats for sale, and made a new friend in CA.

    I stopped by a hotel, and they gave me my money back for last year's Vision Con stay since they kicked the con out and it won't be back in that location next year. I had experienced such a horrid stay, with so many terrible mistakes or accidents on behalf of the hotel this February, that they had comped me a room for the same dates next year... Yeah, no con, no me. Money back please. Luckily, they were very polite, and I had no trouble at all getting a refund to my credit card of the money the room would be worth at the current rate. While that doesn't help the current monetary situation any, and goes nowhere towards helping us be able to move, it will drop the "amount charged" on my secured card, and will up my credit rating by quite a bit, a definite positive when looking for a new place to live.

    Now to see what other little magicks I can pull out of my *hat. Thank you so much for all your support and well-wishes. This would be so much harder without knowing you cared. *HUG*

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    TheRambleman said...

    Happy to hear you got your money credited back to your card. I don't what to say. *HUGS*