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    Friday, August 31, 2007

    Hoops and Happiness

    Spent most of the morning and afternoon running around and gathering goodies for the housing folks so that we will be allowed to move. The government makes you re-qualify every time you move, and every year at lease renewal time. Jumping through hoops is not my favorite pastime, but when one is financially "disadvantaged", there is their way or the highway. Or a cardboard box anyway...

    Called around to a few places to see how "inexpensive" the repair on Eeyore would be, and after calling several places and getting quotes in the $200 range, encountered a trusted mechanic of the family and he referred me to someone else at a transmission place. Vernon over at Loveland's Transmission just north of St. Louis street and right off of Glenstone before the bridge (Taking notes yet?) told me that my problem might just be some silly little piece of plastic that is prone to breakage on Escorts, and would only cost me about $20 to fix. If I brought the car in before 1pm, he'd be able to fit us in and have a look.

    Guess what? Eeyore is all better now, and Vernon was right! *grin* So not only does he have a great carside manner (and sense of humor), he's a lifesaver too! *phew* Really dodged the bullet on that one, eh?

    Having the money a day early has also started the monthly rituals a day early, so the bills must be paid, the gas tank(s) filled, the shopping done, and all of that jazz. Good thing I can do most of that online nowadays.

    In other news, the landlord seems pleased and amiable about my demands, and says that there shouldn't be a problem in getting at least most of them met by the time I am scheduled to move in on the 6th. He mentioned that the back yard on the place would be really nice for the kids, and I said "What back yard? that's a gravel parking lot!" (I was laughing when I said that, a smile can do so much to soften a statement) to which he replied that it shouldn't take too much to return it to it's prior beauty. *chuckle* Not sure if he means to pay to have that done himself, or if he expects me to do it, and I'm really not sure if he knows how long that would take if it is the latter... Does he plan to let me stay in this one??? Either way, I really hopes he gets it all done in time, otherwise I won't have a place to be for a while, even with the extension! Those college kids do have a lease stating that they can move in on the first of October.

    Either way, we're still packing and cleaning like mad, just in case he gets a second look at my list and suddenly notices that I have added a deadline on the repairs that I want added into the lease before we sign anything. I'd hate for him to be upset with us and suddenly change his mind/demand the keys to the place before we had all the important stuff out...

    Sometimes paranoia pays, the rest of the time, it just keeps ya extra safe. *grin*

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    Jeremy said...

    Imagine the possibilities of a whole backyard with frere reign!! I wish i was that lucky, just reading your blogs has given me a hundred and one ideas and im not even the one moving!! lol hmm make that 102 think its big enough to build an apartment?? hehe