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    Wednesday, August 29, 2007

    Every Hour, On the Hour

    I seem to change my mind about how our plans will truly end up when it comes to the housing situation.

    The car is messing up something serious, and it looks as if we may end up having to trade our poor little Eeyore in on something else before he explodes or dies completely. *sigh*

    In happier news, we are giving the entire rabbitry to our gracious and patient mechanic. He mentioned a while back, that he wanted to start raising rabbits, so we are giving the rabbits, cages, food, and everything to him. It is the least we could do for him after all he has done for us since we crossed paths that first time. And we know that the bunnies will be going to a good home and will be well cared for. *smile* When he said we only owed him what we thought he had earned with our most recent repair, I wanted to give him hundreds. As of tomorrow morning, we will have. That makes me feel unreasonably good. *smile*

    Of course I told him about our auto troubles when I offered him the rabbits and farm supplies, and he thinks Eeyore may indeed be quite thoroughly dying, so he's going to bring Sheldon (the Oldsmobile) back to us, since he's nice and fully repaired now too. Will wonders never cease?

    I must indeed learn to more fully and graciously accept the bad, as it will nearly always be followed by a happy surprise at some later time. It is a difficult lesson to learn.


    Swrdsong said...

    to fully understand the mountains..you must travel in the valleys.

    Whimspiration said...

    You are a wise man.

    Better knock that off or you'll never get rich. ;D

    TheRambleman said...

    Happy to hear that the rabbits are getting a good home. Also happy to hear that you'll be getting transportation.