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    Thursday, July 26, 2007

    Spider Wrangling

    Add a new title to me, I now officially herd spiders. *laugh*

    I was over at a friend's house and this little lovely (no, I don't know what kind it is) appeared out of nowhere on the ceiling above our heads. Needless to say we both jumped up off the couch with great speed, me grabbing for my camera, and her screeching like it had landed in her hair. She's horrified of spiders, and I am only slightly less so, but I couldn't let the photo op pass me by. Unfortunately this was the best shot I got of it before the games began.

    See, I hate killing spiders. Can't stand them near me, but really don't see the point in murdering something simply for the offense of having too many legs. So we get me a broomstick (she has a very high ceiling) and I begin.

    Behind said spider I place the broomstick handle. Tap, thump on the ceiling I go. Spidey looks concerned and aims to attack the broom. The youngster stays well back, and my hostess screams again. I twitch and cringe, fearing that this thing will drop into her couch and neither of us will be able to sit for the rest of the night for fear of a crawly where we rest.

    Scooting the handle closer, spidey gets the hint and scoots away a bit. Tap, thump, drag, skitter. It goes on for about 2 minutes while I carefully escort arachnia across the ceiling, down the recession wall, and toward the front door, all the while avoiding the spinning blades of the ceiling fan.

    Youngster has prepared paper and cup for capture and transport outside. We are set.

    Then octilegs decides it is time to drop from the ceiling about three inches from my face. I freaked, scanning the room frantically for the nearest shoe. EEEK! a spider!!! Smack, Squish, eew. Sorry little one, but I panicked.

    After much begging, we finally convinced youngster to paper towel up the gooey remains. At least I didn't have to touch it. Our hero!

    Nobody ever said working with animals was easy.


    TheRambleman said...

    Sorry you panicked and felt the need to squish it, but I would've done the same thing. Typically if they're in the house and not bothering anything we leave them alone, but if they're crawling somewhere where we feel threatened, they get squished - usually.

    lovelife said...

    I would of killed it I hate them.
    so how r you all doing.
    we have been so busy at the house.