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    Monday, July 09, 2007

    Judgement Call

    Tonight I went to revisit some memories in downtown. I was so tired that I ran off at the mouth about unimportant things for a good 10 minutes, despite obvious signals that my audience didn't give a crud. Talk about bad judgement! *sigh*

    I'm not going back without a craft project or something to work on and a previous good night's sleep!

    In other news, there's only two more days until the new Harry Potter movie!

    Dude, I better get to busting tush on those costumes!


    Heather said...

    It is Heather from Nebraska, I have missed you! We went to the missourri gathering and so hoped to see all of you .. guess I should be better about keeping in touch, eh? Well, lots of people were missing you guys and hoping you would arrive. I emailed myself your webaddress so i will check it from home & get back in touch. Our computer w/ your email address & website / blog died and I just found you today. Can I send my email to you w/out it arriving for all to view?
    ~ Heather

    Whimspiration said...

    *HUGGLEZ* !!! We have missed you guys SO MUCH! Glad you are back up and running. *grin* I got your email addy and will mail you a bit later. Teeny bit too much to be doing lately to have gone to the gather, no matter how much we wanted to. (We were so hoping to see you there, and so disappointed that we couldn't go.)