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    Thursday, July 12, 2007

    About Yesterday's Missing Entry...

    I have a good excuse for not writing you yesterday, really I do. See it's kind of hard to compose a blog post on the home computer while waiting in line for 6 hours to see the new movie; Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix *grin*

    But as a reward for your near-infinite patience, here is a spoiler-free review of the movie (in case you aren't a book reader or something).

    * I thought it was quite ridiculous to make the longest book into the shortest movie.

    * There were quite a few lovely things missing from the movie that should have been put in for the cost of only another 20-30 minutes. I would have been happy to sit through that and likely so would have everyone else.

    * The first 5 chapters of book 5 were skipped through like a flat rock on water, and much character development as well as a few of the scenes that sparked our imaginations most were completely missing.

    Those four somewhat negative points made, I simply must say that the director did a fabulous job filling in the gaps with pointed looks, glances, and body language. At this stage in our favorite students' social development, more nuance and non-verbal communication becomes the norm in daily life, and that was expressed exceedingly well.

    The people cast to portray the new characters in this movie were simply perfect for their roles, and did the amazing jobs we have come to expect from the Harry Potter movies.

    The emotional ride we took while watching the movie was amazing, ups and downs and sidewayses throughout, alternately cheering, jeering, clapping, and gaping in silence or awe for some reason or another.

    Of course the effects were fantastic, the acting was superb, and the storyline variable, but never dragging.

    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is a total MUST SEE!

    Of course the experience of going to my very first ever premier and midnight showing was one of wonder and oodles of fun and laughter, but that tale will have to wait for another post. *wink*

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