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    Saturday, June 02, 2007

    One Two Three Dip

    I am seriously burnt out on Gather. My feet and legs are swollen from sitting all day, every day for a week and only getting up to eat and well, you know. *blush* I haven't checked my email in days, and it has only been by sheer force of will that I have managed to blog at all.

    See how I love you.

    It was a lot of fun, and I managed to gain a lot of valuable points, but I think Gather may have pulled a fast one on us, and not given us triple points after all, because I bet if I posted like that and wrote with such devotion all the time, I'd get 2,000 points or so in a week every week. Maybe that's just me thinking big though. *shrug* Perhaps some other time when I am feeling excessively motivated, I will attempt an experiment to prove or disprove my theory.

    I hurt all over. Today was Gather Appreciation Day, and everyone was encouraged to make a star their icon for the day. In response, I made stars for a couple of people and myself and uploaded them before we went shopping.

    Today was paycheck day.

    I haven't paid any of the bills and already I am exhausted. But I have sandals! And the tools to finish making our swimming pool fully functional, as well as the rest of the ingredients to make the rooftop garden easier to water, more fishlings for the pond, and of course the obligatory purchases that usually happen at the first of each month.

    The pond is now completely full with 100% pure rainwater, and the feeder pond (the one that actually catches the rain and waterfalls it into the big catchment pond with the fish in it) will likely be full by morning. The baby bunnies are due any day now, and everything on the homestead seems to be going just fine, with only the sort of glitches that are average for this sort of venture. *smile*

    I will try to get a bit of rest this weekend, and after I get my email taken care of, I will likely avoid the computer entirely for most of day for the next few days. Monday shall be busy again completing the first-of-the-month-waltz.

    I am waiting on two small gift cards from home depot, as I have another raised bed to build and plant. *grin*

    There is always more to be done.


    TheRambleman said...

    "It was a lot of fun, and I managed to gain a lot of valuable points"

    Thanks for trying to help me get more points, but admittedly I only posted a couple of blogs. But hey, I'm now up to 478 points. *grin*

    Whimspiration said...

    Well, that's something. *grin*