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    Friday, June 29, 2007

    More Baking & Kid Dinner

    More baklava goes into the oven again today. Hopefully this batch we will manage not to burn. *crosses fingers*

    The baby bunnies are very excited about their pending outside time tomorrow afternoon between 5-8pm when we have the farm stand open.

    We lost power earlier, but about 20 minutes after I got off of the phone with the electric company, the power returned. Since the ice storm they've been pretty on the ball with repairs. *grin*

    Ladybug cooked lunch today. Of course there was "nothing" in the house, so I figured having her cook the meal would help her creativity and make me not have to do it myself. *wink* Of course that meant giving her free reigtn in the kitchen, which resulted in her defrosting the lamb chops and trying desperatlytomake some sort of BBQ tortilla and cheese concoction, but we adults came in to the rescue right on time, and dinner was saved. It may have taken 4 of us to bring the meal to completion, but she got the lessonsI had planned by the experience.

    Not really a whole lot to say right now, as most of my energy and time is going to Gather's 10 point photo thing that they have going on, and visiting with all of my fantastic and beautiful friends who have been dropping by.

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