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    Sunday, June 24, 2007

    Burnidedy Badness

    Yep, the baklava burned right nice it did. The first try in the new oven was a lovely golden brown, and a tad more than caramelized. *sigh* Two batches down the tubes. That's what we get for trusting the new oven to be as bad at baking as the old one. That'll larn us, right? *grin* At least somebody on Freecycle(tm) will get to enjoy them. That and my friend Faith. But I'm sure she doesn't want two whole batches. *chuckle* Needless to say, more baklava is in the works here in the next couple of days.

    Ladybug's party was a huge success, even if we didn't manage to make the white wizard hat cookies I had purchased the supplies for. Everyone had a lot of fun, and I was asked to bring out the paints, which of course intriuged any number of passers-by into staring, gawking, and begging to get painted themselves, despite the fact that there were other face painters there for the event. Of course I am the best in my style in the four state area, but who is counting, right? Well I couldn't let all those poor people not get painted or get done up with the soap paints *shudder* that were being used at the other booth, so I just kept painting. I didn't have a book or anything with me, as I hadn't come there to paint, just to host the birthday party, so every child got their heart's desire instead of being able to pick from a book of designs. Parents kept asking me how much it would cost them, and since I wasn't there for the express purpose of painting at Snowfest, I told them that I was not the official Snowfest painter, I was just painting at the birthday party, but that they could just give me a tip or some such if they wanted to, and I would happily paint their children as long as the party goers weren't wanting decorated. *grin* Yeah, so now we have a little bit of gas money, and that was a pleasant surprise.

    Not so pleasant surprise; The parking garage has started to charge $4 parking for during Snowfest. Yeah, so next year, Ladybug's birthday will be on a non-event day when the parking is free. Nothing like accidentally charging admission for a birthday party! *grr*

    On the other hand, we came up with a neat new thing to get folks to stop in at the farm stand. Bunnies! Baby bunnies! *grin* We had so many people stopping to pet the baby bunnies and their mommy on Saturday! Not a single paying customer, but we did get some great word of mouth, and gave away some promotional materials, and that's always great.

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