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    Saturday, May 26, 2007

    Two Gallons of Hose Water and a Flash Flood Later

    Serious flash flooding this afternoon.

    Thankfully we were able to use it to our advantage.

    I had just planted some new seedlings and plant babies in their permanent homes, and we were getting ready to water everything when the clouds rolled in.

    We had already washed the pond liner and patched the holes in it with hot glue. As we heard the first thunder, we dropped it into it's permanent position, and started to fill it with the hose, but then the downpour began, so we turned of the hose, set up the water catchment pool temporarily, and let the rain do all the work. Now it is a full pond just waiting for a warm day to make final the set up of the catchment pool and clean storm debris out and we can put the fish where they belong.

    It was really fun being able to rely on nature to save us the money we would have spent watering the plantlings and filling it with hose water, and we have the added bonus of not having any chlorine in it as well. *chuckle*

    I just love serendipity. *grin*

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    Summer said...

    LOL I love when nature does the job for you. :)