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    Wednesday, May 16, 2007

    Not So Much

    I had plans for so much today.

    Working in the yard, picking up a Freecycle(tm), visiting with friends, doing some caulking, seeing the new puppies again, delivering some mother's day cards to dear friends...

    But I spent all day yesterday working in the yarden in the rain, so today I woke up chilled and sniffly. I tried to do some outside, I swear I did, but it just didn't work and I had to lie down for a nap.

    When I woke up I didn't feel so bad in the ways I had when I went to bed, but I had a migraine to take it's place. *sigh*

    Well, I did get the most important things done anyway. I did the FC, the caulking, and worked a teeny tiny bit in the yard when the heat today was at it's height and I didn't feel so durned cold.

    It's something anyway.


    Andrea said...

    Lexie and I are sick too. Sore throat, cough, stuffy, fever. It's the blasted weather change I think.

    Just when I was getting on a rollwith the spring cleaning too.

    Whimspiration said...

    Aaw, I'm sorry to hear that hun. I hope everyone gets to feeling better really soon! *hug*