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    Thursday, May 10, 2007

    From the Top

    Alright, from the top:

    We didn't need a new tire, but we did have a flat. I took the tire into the shop for a repair and about 2 minutes later after some soap water and anger management, the tire was fixed. See, the tire wasn't fully sealed around the rim of the wheel, which created a slow leak. He refused to let me pay him anything for the repair.

    Picking up the new kiddie pools was great fun. I finally got to visit a friend's house that I have never been to (lovely place too), where I was given some plants, we grabbed some clothes and other goodies, then came on home with out bounty.

    About half-way home, one of the pools went flying off of the car (we had it tied to the trunk and braced in the front for extra stability, and the windshield wipers weakened the hold enough to make the rope go *pop* (which is where the car started making this horrid rattling noise)

    I called the mechanic while still on the highway and he told me to start shopping for a new engine. (later he dropped by and checked "to see if it was still a car" instead of a hunk of scrap metal, and pronounced it in need of an oil change and a vacuum hose repair (all of which we were already aware of before the trip).

    All of the laundry is now done, the house has successfully been rearranged, the yarden is nearly ready for the croplings to go into the ground, and today I pick up some more plants. We're slowly but surely gathering all of the things necessary to start a new household for the MIL, and she's getting really antsy and pushy about wanting to find a job, so I view that as a positive thing. *grin*

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