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    Saturday, May 12, 2007

    By Popular Demand

    You asked for it, so here it is. They may be sporadic, but I will keep doing the free goodies, because you love them so much. *smile* I won't be doing pet food or treat freebies for a while because the recalls have scared the whoosey out of me, but everything else is fair game!

    If you find a freebie that you want to share, feel free to leave it in the comments or send me an email. Without further adeiu, the main event:


    Free Senseo Coffee Machine! Its back! You HAVE to sign up for this! The survey is a bit long, but it is SO worth it! Share Senseo

    Free Audio Book download from Hormel. Use any of the following UPC Codes for this freebie: 3760033067, 3760049330, 3760026135.

    Free printable coupon for a two liter of 7-up soda

    Download and print your free yard sale kit! http://clicks.aweber.com/z/ct/?_wXCCC3Q61uKRpmwXgg7Pw

    Free DVD: The Motherhood Manefesto; a socio-political look at the way mothers are treated in today's society and the workplace, and how we can change it. https://civ.moveon.org/momsrisingdvds/?id=10310-5207434-m6pHLd&t=3

    Sign up and receive ten two-cent DYMO stamps by mail, while supplies last.

    Cascade ActionPacs sample.

    Free, "Gas sucks, ride a bike" sticker by sending a self-addressed (no. 10) envelope to the address provided or by setting up an online account here.

    Clairol is opening up a club to become a Color Source VIP. You will receive tons of great perks like free samples, offers, sweepstakes eligibility and more! This offer is only open to a limited amount of people so sign up today. You will see the offer at the bottom of the page.

    Free pot of Mr. Coffee!

    Join the Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program. The Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program is popular with both students in the first through sixth grades and educators throughout America. Last summer, they provided 190,000 free books and participants read 2.3 million books! Participation is fun and easy for kids to earn free books! They simply read any eight books — library books, books borrowed from friends or books bought at Barnes & Noble — write about their favorite part, and bring a completed Summer Reading in the Journal tear page to a Barnes & Noble bookstore. Children can then choose from a list of paperback books. They’re confident there will be plenty of titles they will like.

    Google launched a free 411 phone service. Get the scoop from TechCrunch.

    Enjoy a free sample of Nescafe Taster’s Choice coffee.

    Host a Pepperidege Farm Spring Dessert House Party. If selected as a host, you’ll get...Samples of Pepperidge Farm Black & White Milano, Chessmen, and other cookies to taste, exclusive coupons to purchase more cookies for your party, ribbon and decorative cellophane to make take-home favors, online dessert recipes and party-planning tips, a free party website, where you can send invites, share photos and videos, and interact with partygoers nationwide & the chance to create and submit your own dessert recipe, featuring Pepperidge Farm cookies, to be spotlighted on Artofthecookie.com

    Parenting Magazine offers a chance to Mom-Test Products. Volunteer moms from across the country reality-test these items with their own families in their own homes. When they report back on their favorites, we know these products have been approved by the toughest critics out there: real moms like you. Sign up to be part of their testing panel

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