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    Friday, May 11, 2007

    Ant Invasion

    For the past three weeks, we have has ants. In the house. Crawling on the desks... No clue at all where they all came from, and no idea how to really get rid of them that wouldn't also kill the plants we thought they were living in (vinegar).

    A week ago, we found that the organic potting soil we purchased for a homeschool craft class was infested with a miniature farm of the little crawlies, so we baked it to kill them all and still be able to use the dirt.

    Two days ago, I discovered them crawling on my desk in a very orderly line, and began the leisurely search for what they were trekking to.

    Tonight, I found the culprit. A month ago, Ladybug spilled a cup of her coffee onto the keyboard for one of the computers. I naively saved the keyboard in an attempt to possibly clean it when I had a minute and maybe salvage the thing for further use. Wow was I wrong, it's new sugar content was drawing ants! So into the trash it promptly went (forgive me Deron, wherever you are), but bugs were not in my indoor recycling plan.


    Moosie said...

    wipe down everything with viniger every other day, if you cant use it on/in the plants, then wipe down the outside of the containers they are in, or for your seedlings, wipe down a circle around them or put them in a plastic tub thats been wiped down with it. thats how my mom and i got rid of them. if that dont work, you may want to wipe everything down with bleach water then the vinagar. or my fave, keep a spray bottle and spray the swarms of them when you find them, they get so confused and go in circles, its rather funny.

    Andrea said...

    I have never tried this, but I read that one can put a keyboard in the dishwasher and it will come out fine. They had some scientific explanation why all this water did not hurt it in the dishwasher, blah, blah. Might as well try it on this one so we know if the theory is true. Go dig it out of the trash.

    Whimspiration said...

    Thaks for the top Moosie!

    Well poop, The trashman just took the thing away this morning. :( We'll have to try that on the next ruined keyboard. It couldn't possibly be the last time one of the kids accidentally spills something on a keyboard. ;)