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    Wednesday, February 14, 2007

    Still Going...

    70 sausage, egg and cheese burritos
    40 chicken enchiladas
    Strawberry Fruit Foldups
    2 cheesecakes
    mom's house

    vegetarian chik'n nuggets
    Peach Fruit Foldups

    Still haven't heard back from the folks at the streaming video place.
    Waiting for a response from the web server people about another problem keeping me from getting things done that way I want to. The car has yet to be repaired because I am so crazed right now I can't keep my head on straight enough to get out of the house on time..

    One of these years we'll do this con thing right and be ready early. Then again, I say that every year. There is a light ahead, however, as every year we do at least get a little better at it. *grin*

    Keebler's out of money, we haven't purchased the labels yet, and time is running out. But a friend stopped by unannounced when we got back from my mothers, and he single-handedly folded and wrapped every one of the S.E.C. burritos for us. Mom has pledged to loan us up to $40 if we need it, and it looks like we will.

    Thank the gods for family and friends!

    Lots more yet to do.

    We will get this done, and carry on to a better future.


    Anonymous said...

    what kind of labels are you needing or wanting? address type labels?

    Whimspiration said...

    No, the product labels are all custom made. I just have to have a batch printed up, and since we sitll haven't gotten the HD fixed from when it crashed earlier in the year so it is taking more time and effort than it usually would for the simple task. Thanks for asking :D