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    Monday, February 12, 2007


    We driove the car home from Mech's house tonight! To get the car completly repaired, it will cost us about $50. Lucky for us, that is about half of what Keebler had forwarded to his bank account from next month's paycheck, so we should still be able to purchase labels and packaging for the products still. *grin* Tomorrow we finish the work.

    The work on the website are coming along nicely, with customer service being amazingly helpful, prompt, and responsive, and the web casting thing may have to be via Yahoo messenger again this year, but we will have a webcast! I have yet to call the hotel to verify one way or another, as we spent all day working on the car.

    The hemp brownies (not MJ, but hemp seeds, sorry, no THC here) are finished baking for con, and they taste great for 100% organic, whole grain health food brownies. *chuckle* They're good for any brownie, really, nice and moist. They are fully wrapped and in the fridge, ready for sale.

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