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    Tuesday, February 20, 2007

    Picking up Speed

    I woke up this morning and called the hotel where Con was held to iron out a billing concern, and many phone calls to three different places later, I finally understood everything that was happening, and how it all worked. Geez it was confusing! (Even for the folks who work with this sort of thing all the time were befuddled)

    We had a fabulous, but much too short visit with some good friends. They're from out of town, so we'll take all the visit we can get. *grin* It was really great to see them again, but we miss them already.

    After they left, I finished some work, cleaned the magic closet, offered some goodies on Freecycle(tm), called the hotel again to inquire about some missing items, and did some email. Then we decided that it was such a beautiful day that we would ride our bikes down to The Radish. They are packing up to move out of their current location, and have purchased a storage unit and P.O box. *sigh* It is so sad to see them go. But as a fellow Radishal mentioned, it will be easier to get more active in the community as a group now that the most devoted folks aren't stuck manning a "store" all day instead of living the dream.

    I discovered that I am still not yet back up to the physical activity level I would like to be, despite my recent loss of inches and general feeling-better. I about died riding my bike back home. (likely because all the hills were up on the way back *chuckle* But even so, the fact that I managed to even ride down the hills on the way to The Radish was an accomplishment, because I wasn't able to do that even three weeks ago. No, I don't own a scale. Don't ask how much weight I've lost. ;P

    After we came home, Keebler made some amazing spaghetti, meatballs, and homemade garlic cheese bread, and just as it was finished cooking Ladybug called me on her mobile saying that they had lost my mother's car keys and asking me to please bring them her spares. *sigh* So off I go with low blood sugar to rescue my mother, child, and friend. She will be delivering the keys back tomorrow after she gets another set copied for herself.

    My mother and I have this quadruple-redundancy system with our car and house keys. We each have our keys and a spare set with us at all times (the spare set is in the bottom of the purse or some such.). Then we have a spare set at our own homes, and finally we each have a set of keys at each other's house as well. It makes for an easier (and less expensive) solution than calling a locksmith when one locks oneself out of one's car at wal-mart at 10pm. *chuckle*

    Her problem tonight was that she was driving with her spares because she couldn't find her regular keys when she left her house. *slaps forehead*

    Mine is the only computer working in the house right now. I have yet to download any recent photos to the computer.

    Ah well. Today was a wonderful day. *smile*


    lovelife said...

    Hi glad you had a nice day. It sure was nice outside in my part of town. Tell the kids hi from me.

    Anonymous said...

    Hey there. If you meant us, then you'd get more visits if we knew how to get ahold of you while we're up there. We make our way that direction a lot these days... maybe once every two weeks for a couple of days at a time. Email me! It's the same as it's always been, after all, or get on MSN or AIM (AIM's not the same one, but MSN is). I think our next trip is sometime next week. We're due to help Mom give my big, old puppy a bath, and probably do some gaming with Jason and Jess, but we can work you in, no problem.

    -The Leprechaun.