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    Saturday, February 24, 2007

    Oh What a Blustery Morning

    Oh what a blustery day.
    I've got a shivery feeling,
    We're gonna see lotsa rain.

    Okay, so it's a bad mockery of a pretty okay song. So sue me. ;P

    Am I Sue yet?

    Sometimes I get really tired of being me. *chuckle*

    But not today. We had so many grand plans that required good health and sunshine...

    Yeah, so instead of those, I boiled a duck head and made my famous magnificent feel better egg drop soup, got together the vitamins, and visited friends who are also sickly. We visited for a while and I gave them immuno-boosters and soup, then we watched Narnia again. That is such a great movie. *smile*

    The grand scheme is coming together, and I managed to download onto the computer all of the glorious photos from Vision Con.

    Soon my pretties...


    Panda said...

    Duck head??

    As in the thing sitting on a ducks neck??

    Why did you boil a head??

    Whimspiration said...

    Well, every part of an animal is usable for something, and the head of the duck is no exception. I scrub it with a vegetable brush and set it in a mesh sack, then toss the whole shebang into a pot of boiling water.

    I have friends who have farms, and they don't use the whole animal, so I get the heads and feet for free. I'm all about free food. *chuckle*

    It makes the most fabulous soup stock, so rich and delicious , and since it is in the mesh sack, I never have to worry about digging bones or feather bits out of the broth.

    The best egg drop soul ever is made with duck broth. Just get the duck broth (from boiling the head), add some chopped green onions, whisk in an egg or three and enjoy. Yum!