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    Sunday, February 11, 2007

    Not Yet

    Still having no luck with the web casting. Attempting a different setup now. Have to find a microphone or my old web cam (has one built in) to use at con.

    The jerky is now dehydrating while the foldups sit in the fridge, patiently awaiting their turn in the drying machine. 40 chorizo, egg & cheese burritos are in the freezer awaiting their imminent sale to hungry con goers, and I have prepared the chai sprinkles for the Senseo machine's new (as in I just invented it) chai function. This machine is just too fun to play with! *grin* (Thanks Faith!) Do you have any idea how much it hurts to get homemade chai powder in your eyeball?

    My kingdom for a truck, as I have to get some things fixed up, but need a larger form of transportation than my mother's car to achieve my current goals. A friend has promised to help out if we can manage to get together at the same time sometime.

    Speaking of transportation, Keebler is going to go over to the mechanic's house tomorrow and help finish the repairs on Sheldon (the yellow car) so that maybe we can drive ourselves around again and be able to stop relying on others.

    We are freezing ice bottles for the coolers we plan to use at con so we don't have to buy ice, and aside from a few small hangups (all of which could be fixed with cash, but then again, even a lack of time could be fixed with cash enough to pay employees and rent a workshop, right? *chuckle*), everything is moving along much smoother than I had expected for starting the preparation so late, and I am quite pleased. Stressed, but pleased. *smile*

    Viewing the projected amount of junk we will be bringing to con this year, we will need to take at least two trips to get it all there (or one trip in two cars, as mother says she would love to attend).



    lovelife said...

    Seems like you have One friend who does have a van who said a few weeks ago she could drive you places. O who could that be lol

    Whimspiration said...

    Fine, I give, who? *chuckle* I'll give a call here in a bit. ;P