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    Thursday, February 22, 2007

    Missing Groceries

    Shopping for concrete, taking a friend shopping (and discovering that her food stamps haven't arrived yet, making her leave all of her food purchases back at the store because of some sort of government clerical error), and helping Mech out with limbs in his yard took up most of our day.

    While we didn't get a lot done that we had planned on, we did get some things finalized that we hadn't planned but needed completed anyway. *smile*

    Maybe soon I will be able to figure out how to reliably remember words when I am speaking. *laugh* I've been brainfartilicous all danged day. *sigh* It's driving poor Keeb nutzo.

    Tomorrow I get to call the grocery store and figure out where some of my purchases ran off to though, as they aren't in the car or in the house. *ponder* What a week!

    I accidentally posted a comment to a public group when I thought I was writing to a private friend, and I may have seriously offended someone (read: very likely did but haven't heard about it yet). Not that the folks who matter to me don't already know what I think, but I feel really bad that I said something publicly. I was really tacky, and all because I was tired-stupid and didn't look at the "from" area of the email before I hit send. *sigh*

    I'm going to call it a night, I think I've done enough damage for the day.


    Swrdsong said...

    heh..remember that chinese horror-scope??

    Whimspiration said...

    Indeed. That horoscope was what was on my mind as I wrote the post. *sigh* Amazingly, there weren't any negative repurcussions to it. 'Least not yet :D