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    Sunday, January 07, 2007


    "Resolution" is a dirty word.

    Not like those other dirty words are, but in a more sneaky, insidious manner. Resolution is forced upon you by well-meaning friends and family, demands constant attention, and clings to you for at least a month, dangling from your elbow like a glob of misplaced earwax.

    Resolutions are suddenly-created goals with little or no meaning that most people forget in less than two weeks. The word reminds me of "revolution", which could mean massive change, or to spin. Since spinning isn't really my thing, and huge changes are doomed for failure from the start without the little steps to help us along, I'll leave the resolutions and revolutions to someone else.
    Goals however, are a different animal altogether. A goal is a splendid thing. They spring up in your heart, filled with hope after long studying looks at the past. Nearly everyone has goals, including that guy whose lifetime goal it is to sit on a porch, smoke a pipe, and be lazy. Even laziness can be a goal!

    Goals are little stepping stones to dreams. Just one step to the side of wishes, but with more power behind them. Will and intent merge with hard work and perserverance to make goals happen, forcing the pieces of the puzzle of life to fall into place and form a stairway to our most lofty hopes and dreams.

    Here is a small sampling of our goals for the coming year:

    I plan on finally learning how to use a sewing machine relaibly, speak and write in a more positive-sounding manner, and sucking all the happines available out of every experience I can, embracing joy.

    Keebler plans to get a job and keep it, spend more time "teaching" the children, work on his temper, and enjoy life more fully.

    Littlebit wants to learn how to read well, do basic mathematics, and keep her toys picked up.

    Ladybug's goals are to memorize her multiplication tables and to be more alert to her behavior and the rules of the house.

    As a family, we have goals to spend more time together, get more exercise, continue to strengthen our familial bonds, be more productive, and have more fun while keeping the house clean.

    Of course there are so many other goals we have for this year, from business and household to citystead and other personal goals, but sometimes there are goals that just feel better if you surprise people with the outcome, as well as those goals you want to keep just for yourself.

    Here's hoping your goals and dreams for this year are met and exceeded!

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