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    Tuesday, January 09, 2007

    Print Shops N' Joy

    Found a great new place to get copies made during business hours! Staples has low prices, friendly, service, and no lines! *ponder* oh my, I may have just blabbed myself out of a good thing there. meh, you deserve the goodness too, and what're the odds you will all be at the same location I am, all at the same time? Then again, there isn''t a location here in town that's a close to me as Kinko's, so I'll likely only go to Staples when I'm in the area already anyway. Don't worry Kinko's, You are still my one and only true love for my obsession with 3am, last-minute copying. I swear never to betray you!

    Had fun chatting with a friend today, and we're scheduled to go out to lunch and have a photography field trip, getting shots of local archetecture for one of our Gather groups, which I'm really excited about. We always have such fun together. *grin*

    Kebler pans to stay home for most of the day tomorow finishing up a few little projects around the house like taking down the rest of the holiday decor and putting the last touches on the rest of the house while I keep the kids (and myself) out of his hair so he can actually get something done.


    lovelife said...

    I wish him luck in all that he plans to get done.
    I need to get out of the house more lol

    Andrea said...

    I have always used Staples. They will let you borrow whatever else you need to while you're there for free. I've used their big paper cutter, heavy duty electric stapler, etc. on my copies they made. Saved me a lot of time as I could only put five sheets at a time in my litte hole punch at home.

    TheRambleman said...

    Hope Keebler gets everything done.