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    Tuesday, January 30, 2007


    The car is broken. During the ice storm, it decided not to start, and I flooded the engine trying to start it. Now, I know that you shouldn't pump the gas when trying to start a car nowdays, but this is a 1977 Oldsmobile. You pump the gas. It helps.

    Except this time.

    New fuel pump, new fuel filter, new fuel spring... Still isn't working.

    It catches fire, sending a woosh of flame up from the carb, freaking the bejeebers out of me, especially when I am the one behind the wheel being instructed to set my mechanic's hand aflame. *twitch* Mech is very patient with my constantly saying "put out the car!", "the car's on fire!" and other, more creative statements. he also tolerates my flinching and jumping when it erupts with that creepy crack-woosh-pop sound. now, maybe it's just me, but a car on fire has always meant run away... Very strange feeling to ahve to stifle that instinct. Mech says it's normal, but I just don't see it under the closed hood, with the air filter and all that in place and working properly. "Internal conbustion" he says sagely, with a twinkle in his eye.

    It had fuel pump issues before it died, so I figured that was the problem with it starting too.
    Littlebit had a blast playing with Mech's new puppy while we worked outside in the freezing cold while the puppy had a lot of fun digging up my onion opatch (Yes, I still have onions growing).

    So now I have a new set of spark plugs. My mechanic says that all that gas in the engine fouled my plugs and I need to replace them. But Keebler's afraid that he's going to break the car, so he won't manhandle the car with the necessary force to change the plugs. There is one plug in the engine changed right now.

    I am sick and tired of fixing cars. Gimme a sodermikel with a sidecar and a teardrop trailer anyday, and I'll be a camper so happy, you'll never forget my gleaming teeth. 'Course a Roadtrek would be even better, but I'm not picky. *wink*
    I would have posted this lastnight, but I was really busy and had to get to bed early so that we could go to an intuitive development class for kids at the library, which it seems we now cannot attend, as my car is still out of comission, and my mother's car won't start either. I'm off to check see if I have any jobs to do today. *waves*


    lovelife said...

    why dont you call me to give you a ride when you need one. hell am I not a friend who would help you out lol. just call if you all need a ride and maybe i can help out at times if I have gas in my van.

    Heather said...

    Well......wow. Sorry bout all of that!

    TheRambleman said...

    I'm so sorry your car is broken. Tell Keebler that it's really not hard to change the plugs. If I lived closer I would come and do it, I would. *HUGS*