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    Thursday, December 14, 2006

    Woman Told to Stop Breastfeeding in Springfield Restaurant

    Oh my! This bit of news was just forwarded to me on one of the homeschooling groups I'm a member of. Apparently it was aired on KOLR 10 news.

    "The manager of a restaurant in Springfield says he didn`t do anything wrong when he asked a woman to stop nursing her baby in public. The mother says she wants to raise awareness of Missouri law so this doesn`t happen again.

    Friday, December 1, Cecily Cornelius-White and her family were eating at the Great Wall Chinese Buffet on South Glenstone when her five month old baby Evan started to get fussy. White realized it was feeding time and started breastfeeding her baby. Cecily said she was feeding Evan with relative discretion, but without a blanket covering her because the baby just pushes it away.

    Her husband, Jeff noticed customers at the next table call the manager over and shortly after that the manager came to the White`s table and said the customers were offended and told her to stop nursing. "When you`re involved in this vulnerable activity and a man comes up looming over you and he was very close to me and says that what you`re doing is offensive you need to stop doing that, you can`t do that in my restaurant, it`s frightening, kind of humiliating. "

    Missouri`s law states a mother, with as much discretion as possible can breastfeed her child in any public or private location. La Leche spokesperson Jane Milligan says the group considers wording of the law ambiguous, because it`s unclear who`s discretion should be considered. In this incident it could be the nursing mother`s, or the customers who were watching her nurse, and even the manager`s.

    The manager, who declined to give his name, said the same customers complained twice and then he talked to the Whites The Whites aren`t going to press the issue, they would just appreciate an admission that a mistake was made and a statement of apology.The manager says he didn`t do anything wrong.

    Read more about Missouri`s law on this topic, as well as how other states view the issue at: www.ncsl.org/ programs/ health/breast50. htm#m

    Tell us how you feel about this. E-mail us at tellkolr10@kolr10. com We may share your responses on the air, or on our website."

    My family would love to be involved in a protest or nurse-in against this place for not allowing breastfeeding. It's a blasphemy against nature to ban such a beautiful act.

    My daughters have dollies they would pretend to feed even. Hells, I would "feed" a dolly since I have no infant of my own, if it would help to get the point across.

    Who is with me?


    Heather said...

    I am so SICK of this being an issue! Babies need to eat. If someone kicked me out of some public place becasue I bottle-fed rather than breastfed, I'd be equally as appalled! (I did both, but you get my point) It's ridiculous! When I see a woman breastfeeding in public, I think it's great! Good for her! Good for the baby! Granted, I don't want to see some woman pull her boob out in public, so here's an idea: DON'T LOOK! It's her right to feed her baby however the baby needs to be fed, and whenever the baby needs to be fed. I'm DISGUSTED with people's ignorance regarding this issue.

    The Maven said...

    If I lived anywhere nearby I'd be there in a heartbeat. I'm more and more disgusted every time I hear of someone being told to stop feeding her baby. I'm very thankful that this has never happened to me, despite having had three babies and nursing in public every time.

    The Missouri law is ridiculous. 'With as much discretion as possible'? That part needs to be removed.

    TheRambleman said...


    Mama Chaos said...

    I wish I lived there I would be at a nurse in in a heartbeat! Its disgusting that people still can be offended by the sight of a child eating.