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    Sunday, December 24, 2006

    Stalling Tactic

    Picked up a gift for a friend (and one for the kid) this AM, had a surprise visit from some great friends, hit 4 stores shopping for stocking stuffers (going international this year) went to solstice circle, and hung out at another friend's for a while after that.

    Tomorrow we help to feed another friend from the stuff we keep in our freezer because he's running low on food, we bake (the cookies are gone now), and we prepare for Santa's visit.

    Came home grumpy. I'm in pain and going to bed. Here's hoping I'll get enough sleep this time.


    Faith said...

    Hope you got some good rest and your pain is better. You sound busy but very fulfilled!
    Hugs to you and yours today!

    TheRambleman said...

    You sound SO busy, it's not even funny. *hugs* Hope you did indeed get some good, well deserved sleep for the rest of the holiday season.

    lovelife said...

    hi hope you get to sleep soon. have a good time with the girls.