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    Friday, December 01, 2006

    First Tooth

    First, a little backstory.

    Ladybug likes to tie things. blankets to the curtain rods for "hammocks", yarn to everything in her room for making a spiderweb or obsticle course, etc. I have asked her to stop this repeatedly, but she does not listen very well sometimes, which brings us to a funny story...

    About a week ago, I noticed that Littlebit had a loose tooth. It was a lovely tooth and I told her that the tooth fairy would be very excited to see her when the tooth came out on it's own and she put it under her pillow.

    And the story begins; Ladybug had tied some of my silk ties to the clothing rods in the closet again, and made slipknots at the ends of them. (yes, we've already had a talk about that) The knots were open, and her innocent, but insanely curious little sister wandered into the closet and stuck her hands through the holes. Can you see where this is leading?
    Right, she pulled them tight. Like a Chinese finger trap for kids. So she's bawling because she has managed to trap herself with one hand tied to each end of the closet and neither hand can reach the other to set herself free. I come in to see what the matter is, and she tells me that her sister tied her up in the closet. (Her sister had been working cleaning the living room for the last hour, so that was impossible. (I also questioned Ladybug to verify this.)) So I tell Littlebit "you got yourself into this mess, you get yourself out." I figured I'd let her stew about making bad choices for about ten minutes then rescue her from her own silly self.

    But not more than 5 minutes later, she's howling again. Keebler went to check and there's her tooth, on the ground, and she's still tied up. (She was crying this time because she couldn't reach her tooth to pick it up.)

    She had tried to chew her way free of her bindings! What a way to loose one's first tooth. Seriously, leave it to one of my kids to have a childhood first while gnawing herself out of a trap! *laugh*



    lovelife said...

    Hi very cute pic.
    We hope to see you all sunday about 1230 -1 for the bday party for storms 50th. Also you might get to meet Kate and her daughter if the weather is not as bad in texas for her trip.

    Ameryth said...

    CONGRATS, Little Bit! He hee! Way to go!

    Heather said...

    Gosh! First of all, what an adorable picture. Second--HA! What a story to tell! Bet she'll always remember that!

    T said...

    Hmm... that sounds fairly traumatic. Glad she's been set free and her tooth is safe :-)

    tracy said...

    That is hysterical!!

    Glad it all worked out well.