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    Wednesday, December 06, 2006

    Fire and Brimstone?

    We left the building just as the trucks were pulling up. What a spectacle!

    We were having a lot of fun chatting and visiting with old and new friends after Ladybug's bells/chimes class when the fire alarms went off inside the church. We calmly gathered our things together in case it wasn't a false alarm, but once the alarm stopped a few seconds later, continued chatting. After about a minute, the alarm went off again and we decided that it would be best to head towards the exits just in case. As we were parting ways with our newfound friends (and fellow Potterites), we decided to exchange emails. Stopping at a desk to write, we were approached by a fellow who told us it wasn't a false alarm and that we had to leave right away. Oh dear!

    Walking towards the doors, we smelled smoke. Holy smoke? Anyway, we watched the firefolk, the many fire trucks, firevans, and the lone "air and light" vehicle (mayhaps a special non-secular fire squad?) flashed lights, wandered around looking for a source and circled the building as the girls played on a snow mound and we worried about our other friend who had gone down in the elevator and the chimes teacher who had stayed upstairs.

    I called Keebler and took some pictures with my phone (What a day to leave the camera at home! Anyone know how to get pictured off of a motorolla RAZR and onto a computer without a bluetooth connection on one's computer?).

    I made a joke that my lips flapping caused too much heat by friction, and that's what stared the fire. *chuckle* It was funnier if you'd been there, trust me. Our friend called to tell us she was allright and her family had been accounted for, and after some more chatting, it was decided that, being 9pm, it was time for us all to go home.

    They never did find a source for the smoke.


    Heather said...

    Very strange that they ever found where the smoke was coming from. Glad all is well.

    TheRambleman said...

    Glad everyone got out okay. *hugs*

    lovelife said...

    So happy you all made it out safe. and you all are safe.

    Ameryth said...

    I’m glad you had a smokin’ good time! I always knew your lips were hot…