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    Friday, December 08, 2006

    Faith-Based Homicide Supported by Walmart

    I wrote about this issue previously here, and I beg you to please take action.

    Have you heard the newest news?

    I received an email recently announcing the release of the new hate and religious violence video game.

    "Wal-Mart is promoting the religious right's extreme ideology this holiday season.
    Just in time for Christmas, the religious right has released a violent video game in which born-again Christians aim to convert or kill those who don't adhere to their extreme ideology. Disturbingly, the game's apparent attempts at religious indoctrination are aimed at children and focus on violent, divisive, and hateful scenarios. While the religious right apparently has no problem pushing the product this holiday season, America's #1 video game seller should know better."

    Now I usually edit the pre-written form letters provided by the activist folks, and that's what I did here as well. This is what I sent to the CEO of Wal-Mart (the nation's #1 video game retailer)regarding their decision to sell the most violent and hateful video game I have ever seen.

    "Dear Mr Scott,
    I am deeply offended by Wal-Mart's decision to sell the "Left Behind: Eternal Forces" video game, filled with religious violence, to our children this Christmas.

    Up to this point, I have been very pleased with Wal-Mart's practices. Standing up for partner's rights, and providing health insurance for it's employees when no other minimum wage employer does, are great and admirable things. let's keep holding to the moral and ethical high-ground and take this violent filth off of the shelves and keep it off.

    The game is based on an extreme ideology, and promotes the conversion or killing of those who do not adhere to a specific interpretation of "Christianity" - including Muslims, Catholics, Jews, and even Christians who beleive in the seperation of church and state or the teaching of evolution in schools.

    "Left Behind: Eternal Forces" takes place in New York City, shortly after the rapture. Gamers are charged with creating "Christian" militias who roam the streets of New York City, looking to convert non-believers and killing those who they are unable to draw to their side while their "holy" and "God-driven" characters scream horrible and taunting things to those they are murdering in cold blood due to a disagreement of principle! In fact, after particularly bloody battles, players must use prayer to recharge their "soul points" that have been diminished by the killing.

    I have no problem with Grand Theft Auto, but teaching a child (or adult) to kill others because of an ideological disagreement is akin to starting the next Jihad (holy war). Do you want that blood on your hands?

    Remember, those who see a thing happening and do nothing to stop it are just as guilty as those who perpetrate the crime with their own hands. In a nation already violently divided along faith-lines, in a world where religion kills millions every year, what do you want to contribute to the efforts? Death, or peace?

    Please, Mr. Scott, this divisive game has no place on Wal-Mart's shelves - especially this holiday season.

    Surely the possible "bottom line" isn't important enough to insult and anger over 90% of your current shopper base. Is it?

    I will be forwarding this information to my friends and family. The Pagans, the Catholics, the Evangelical Christians, everyone. May a mighy noise be brought forth to rouse you from your slumber of complacency. I can only hope it is enough.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my words.

    To send your own letter, click here. Protect the future.


    TheRambleman said...

    I just went to this link - http://www.leftbehindgames.com/pages/controversy.htm about the controversy. So now I'm not sure what to believe :-(

    Heather said...

    I am a Christian, and I can tell you that I have never heard of such a thing, and it's very disturbing! It gives "us" a bad name. Christianity isn't about getting rid of those that don't believe. It's about reaching out and spreading the Word to others with love. It's so sad what this world is coming to. So sad. Only stregthens my belief in homeschooling, too.

    Mary P. said...

    I heard about that game a couple of weeks ago. Like Heather, I am a Christian. (Though according to the game, social liberal that I am, I'd be slated for a quick and nasty death.)

    That such a horrible twisting of Christianity is all set to make some people a mighty profit, while brainwashing children in hate - all in the name of God! - makes me physically ill.

    John said...

    Hey, didn't they use that same game during the Spanish Inquisition???

    Ron said...

    And the nutsos buying these games are the same nuts worried about islamofascists?

    RANDY D. said...

    I agree violence is terrible, but are you upset because it is violent, or because the violence is in the name of religion?

    I think to abhore violence is worthy, but to dislike just due to the religious input is not a noble cause.

    Prairie said...

    I was apalled the first time I heard of this game. I've done some research on it, and apparently the game is poorly coded and stalls the computer. Hopefully, the game itself is so badly written that people won't buy it. I am outraged this thing even made it as far as it has. This would only appeal to the kind of people who would send their kids to Jesus Camp!

    Ron said...

    "I agree violence is terrible, but are you upset because it is violent, or because the violence is in the name of religion?"

    Are you listening to yourself here? Of course I am, I can't speak for anyone else, but that's my religion, too, and using it in this way is obscene.

    R.E.H. said...

    Wal-Mart does NOT have to sell a sick video game to kids. But being a greedy, immoral, bottom-line-is-what-matters company it will probably continue to sell this game in the name of profit.

    Dawn said...

    I would like to believe that this is not real, but I know better. This is absolutely amazing. Yet another reason not to shop at WalMart (not that I needed any more reasons).

    Kathryn said...

    Good grass roots politicking to get the NATION's parents in an uproar to CAUSE Walmart to WITHDRAW the product, otherwise MORE CUSTOMERS THAN NOT will BOYCOTT WALMART.