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    Monday, December 18, 2006

    And a Happy Festivus to You too!

    Here's the scenario: You are paying for some purchases during the month of December. Someone wishes you a Joyous Yule, Merry Christmas, Happy Channukkah, Happy Holidays, or blessed Kwanzaa. You;

    A) Get irate and accost them. How dare they assume that my beleifs and celebratory styles are the same as theirs! This season is for everyone!

    B) Get irate and accost them. By golly this time of year is for celebrating in the way that I do it and none other. Wish me a (insert greeting here) or say nothing at all!

    C) Smile and nod, wishing them the same in return, no matter how I personally beleive.

    D) Get irate thinking about how many people would accost this poor spreader of joy for the case of the words they used to share their happiness with me.

    E) Get inspired. Share some seasonal wisdom about acceptance and spreading cheer with those you love, and those you have never met before.

    I see no reason why any greeting must be so argued about, but this time of year seems to be especially voulnerable to oubreaks of anger and verbal violence.

    To share the joy of the season with others, to wish them happiness, shouldn't that be the point of wishing anyone a seasonal greeting? Does all of living have to be a battle over who is "right" to such an extent that kindness is obliterated in the cold face of the PC police? When does being "right" become more important than being friendly and polite? When did "correct" become mean and calculating, accostive and cruel?

    Isn't it grand that someone is wishing you a wonderful season and joyous celebrations? When I see someone arguing for only one side of the discussion, I feel the need to speak up for those who can't or won't for whatever reason. Whatever I am wished, I wish back in return, because I know the wisher means so very much more than the simple words that escape their lips.

    I really don't know why people get so hung up on the words we use when it is the feeling that really matters.

    No matter the words, the titles, the names, or the celebrations we use. No matter the traditions we participate in or the faiths we follow, I wish us all the absolute best this December and all throughout the coming year.

    The next time someone speaks a winter greeting to you, take it as it is, and wish it back with a smile. All they're doing is wishing you and yours a great day with a little more "umph".

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    Anonymous said...

    Today is Festivus! Its for the rest of us. If you are new to Festivus check out www.whatisfestivus.com. Let the airing of grievances begin.