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    Saturday, November 18, 2006

    NaBloPoMo: Blog or Die

    I just found out that I've been allowed to participate in NaBloPoMo! I asked to be invited, but since I asked on the first of the month (past the deadline for inclusion) and didn't get any notice back from the webmistress for the adventure( I've heard that she has been uber-busy adding participants she's had to enslave a small tribe of elves to assist her.) , I figured I had just been too late to be a part of it. But I got a comment yesterday on another post from Snøskred saying that she was trying to read all of the blogs involved. First I knew about being allowed in, but hey, I'm happy! *grin*


    So far, even with the extra stuff going on, I've still been able to post at least once a day, so I'm good. The challenge for NaBloPoMo is similar to the challenge for NanoWriMo, except instead of writing a novel in the month of November, you post every day without fail. Now I've seen some of my fellow challengees post some pretty odd things in the attempt to manage the task, and that's half the fun! I never would have seen some of this goofy stuff had they hadn't gotten involved. *grin*

    It even has it's own theme song! *laugh* Here's to fun with friends and the joy it brings. Love!



    tracy said...

    Cool beans! I gotta hand it to ya... I can barely keep up with
    intermittently posting.

    Easton Ellsworth said...

    Blogging consistently is much harder than it sounds. Thanks for doing this experiment!