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    Wednesday, November 22, 2006

    Ice Skating

    Last Saturday, the girls and I went to the Festival of Lights kickoff celebration at Jordan Valley Ice Park and the Springfield Cardinals stadium. It was amusing, and we enjoyed the walk in the brisk weather, but we were really there for the first free ice skate of the year.

    We love to skate. Not that any of us are particularly good at it, but we love it all the same. We own our own skates, (Frugal is$20 once instead of $2.50 eleven times a year), so we don't have to pay for rental, and nothing could be better than free, so we do every free ice skating we hear about. *smile*

    Littlebit has a pair of kids double runner skates , and Ladybug has normal skates. Littlebit's are just like my first ice skates. They have one central blade coming from the bottom of the skate shoe which splits to a double-bladed skate at the bottom for extra stability and easier learning.

    While I was looking for a link to Littlebit's skates to show you, I saw these kids strap on skates that buckle to the actual shoe and have even wider runner placement than Littlebit's. Now I don't know if those last ones are allowed at the ice rink here, but they are inexpensive, and sure do look fun. *chuckle*

    We met some good friends, and as usual, Ladybug went to the center of the rink and talked some poor hapless (helpful) soul into teaching her some new moves. Now if she can just keep her ankles straight all the time, she'll be set! *chuckle*

    We'd like to see you next time we go, so here is the calendar for the rest of the free skates this year.

    * Thursday, November 23rd

    * Friday, November 24th

    * Friday, December 1st

    * Saturday, December 2nd

    * Saturday, December 9th

    * Saturday, December 10th

    * Saturday, December 16th

    * Saturday, December 23rd

    * Monday, December 25th

    * Tuesday, December 26th

    Don't forget warm clothes and gloves. See you there!

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    TheRambleman said...

    Glad to hear of the good time at the ice skating rink. We love that stuff too. Some day in the future we need to join you :-)