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    Friday, November 10, 2006

    How Politics Works

    Keebler says that the way politics works is that you brainwash a section of the population into believing they have authority and influence. We call these people politicians. You then load them up into a big cannon, oh, let's call it... government, light the buerocratic red tape fuse and shoot them at a target in the hopes that they will hit a postitive outcome. It's a shotgun effect, really. All voting does, is tamp them down into the cannon.

    Of course, I can't say much about that either way, but it's a fun explaination, yes?



    angela said...

    Wonderful mental image of politicians spinning off into space!

    TheRambleman said...

    That's as good of an explanation as any. I can 'see' the politicians as cannon balls that once they are fired after voting, there's no telling whether they'll hit the target the voters aimed at.

    David Stephen said...

    Isn't it more like this:
    Attempt to enslave the masses through their weaknesses.
    Bribe those stronger to help you to dominate the weaker.
    Exploit, Exploit, Exploit.


    Jina S. said...

    I could've used that visual at the polls.

    Carolyn K. said...

    And here all this time I thought it was a program to give license to "legal thievery".