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    Sunday, November 12, 2006


    I have some freebies for you. *smile* Enjoy the bounty!

    Coupon for a free tube of Aquafresh Extreme Clean toothpaste.

    Microsoft is offering a free download of their Office Accounting Express software. No strings attached.


    Dishwasher Safe, Impact Resistant, No Plastic Flavor, $8 Value.

    A coupon for a free Minute Maid Frozen Novelty.

    Receive free samples of
    True Lemon® and True Lime™
    and their free monthly newsletter.

    Download the FREE Corel Snapfire™Not a trial version. This is a photo editing and sharing software that I have not yet tried. But it's by Corel, so it has to be quality, and what can I say to free? You can always delete it if you find it unappealing, right?

    Get $4 off of a Tyson Meal Kit for completing their quick survey.

    Fight back against nicotine withdrawal with a Nicorette® Fruit Chill™ gum sample.

    Free sample of the best habanero H.O.T Sauce on earth It sells itself if you are a H.O.T. Lover.

    Coupons from UPS that discount your total shipping charges on packages shipped with their company.

    A free sample of Tide Simple Pleasures laundry detergent.

    Request a sample from TeaChef and they will send you their new Cranberry tea. Should you qualify, they will send you a sample within a few days.

    Sign up with the Bausch & Lomb Wear & Care Program. You get tons of great freebies, including a new contact case for each month of the year. Tell your friends!



    lovelife said...

    Hi I could not get some of the links to open but the ones i did were cool to maybe get.

    Whimspiration said...

    Which ones did you have a problem with. I may be able to fix them?

    Anonymous said...

    The free water bottle from Sears didn't work for me.

    Thanks though, these are great freebies!