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    Friday, November 24, 2006

    Defeat the Affluenza Pandemic

    "Protest Turkey" is completely hand-drawn with a mini optical mouse in Paint Shop Pro. "Protest Turkey is about 7x8 inches and took 30 minutes from start to finish.

    Resist mindless consumerism and focus on friends, family, and community instead this weekend. This year, tell big business your family is more important than their profits. Put your money where your mouth is and keep your cash in your pants.

    On "Black Friday", my family stays home and enjoys each other's company while stringing the popcorn and cranberries for the bushes outside, or goes out to visit friends. But we don't ever purchase anything.

    For twenty-four hours starting 12am the day after Thanksgiving and ending at midnight that night, my family buys nothing in a protest against the rampant consumerism and the shopping lunacy that strikes our nation during the very time we should be sitting down with our families and friends and reflecting on the joys, pleasures, and blessings we have in the togetherness we share.

    We refuse to participate in the wholesale slaughter of the economy and people's lives via retail massacre for those twenty-four hours. Love isn't about spending money or presents. Besides, we have the rest of the year to shop. We even changed the business website (ArtFoodFun.com) in honor of the occasion.

    Take today to really consider your buying habits year-round and the global impact of the way you live. Is there something you think should change? How many things do you really need to be happy?

    For more information, visit AdBusters.org and Wikipedia.com.

    Need more? Get "Affluenza" the book. Get the movie or the other information on it too if you want, just don't buy it today.

    In today's corporate-run economy, the only thing that matters is the almighty dollar. What message do you want to send? How will you vote on November 24th?

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    lovelife said...

    Hi we are kind of like you all we do not go get stuff unless its like groc for the reg week.

    stephanie said...

    I didn't go anywhere's either. For one I have the flu and secondly I hate crowds.

    Kathy S. said...

    Today is "Buy Nothing Day" and I celebrate it the appropriate way; sounds like you do too!

    Sandra said...

    ok, well I did sneak into Penney's to get my mom's present at 40% off. But that's all. Honest

    Kurt W said...

    Yes, I appreciate your efforts. Take care.