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    Wednesday, November 01, 2006

    Costume Intro: Belly Dancer

    Just like her sister's this costume used no patterns, and was entirely hand-stitched. Ladybug plans to use this costume for her bellydancing classes when she starts them later this year. She had lights as well, but somehow we didn't manage to get a good picture of her lit up this evening.

    We just got home, and I am cold and tired from the long evening. We have a really busy day when we awaken, so I must rest. I'll fill you in on the night's Halloween celebrations later today. *waves*


    TheRambleman said...

    This is a really good costume, just like the other one. Good job!

    Anonymous said...

    And another fabulous one!

    Anonymous said...

    Again, beautiful and impressive!!
    You have talent girl!!

    lovelife said...

    cool stuff you make

    Anonymous said...

    Lovely as well!