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    Wednesday, November 08, 2006

    Called to Vote

    I've been answering the phone lately with "Thank you for calling, we've already decided how we're voting. How may we help you?". Many calls from politicians, both recorded and live. Today when we returned from voting, I answered "Thank you for calling, we have already cast our votes. How may we help you?" *chuckle* Amazing number of hangup calls this past week... *snicker*

    Favorite prerecorded call was this morning from Doug Harpool. He said hello, stated that he was running for office in Springfield, and urged the listener to get out and vote. I really like that he didn't ask folks to vote for him directly, that he just said to vote. Something honorable in that.

    Of course I think that all politicians should be held to the same rules as telemarketers. There's a no-call list for a reason, right? Motivation is good, but I heard folks from both sides of the vote saying that if the election weren't so important to them, they would have stayed home just to spite the politicians who refused to stop calling, so I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. *sigh*


    The parking lot has never been full at our polling station, and there has never been a line. We had both this time. It was amazing. We brought in "cheater cards" with us this time so that we wouldn't forget who we had planned on voting for, and what we were going to vote on the issues. (It's a really good habit to get into). Ladybug ruined my first ballot. See, I usually let her vote for me (making the marks, punching the holes, etc) and she lost control of the pen, so I made her sit down with Keebler and Littlebit where the girls decided it would be great fun to talk loudly and goof off, driving poor Keeb bats. I messed up my second ballot myself by marking the wrong spot on one of the questions, but my third ballot was okay! *sheepish grin*


    Springfield voting records "shattered"

    Some voting problems reported in Missouri

    View the voting results for anywhere in Missouri


    An unprecedented election protection movement has risen up to monitor the 2006 Election Day—involving dozens of organizations and thousands of small-group and individual efforts. The experience of 2000 and 2004 shows that if Election Day violations do not become headlines immediately, there is little chance they ever will. The mission of ProtectOurVotes.org is to highlight the most serious violations as soon as they are discovered and to place them immediately in context for journalists along with all available trusted documentation. Check in frequently to see the latest election stories, even if the news doesn't get distributed via corporate media.

    $250,000 Reward For Evidence of Election Fraud from MoveOn.org

    $500,000 Election Fraud Reward from Velvet Revolution



    lovelife said...

    Hi glad that you got out and voted. we got a hell of alot of calls also. But sure we will get more in a few years. I had about a 45 min line where I vote but that was fine. storm voted sat b4 he went out of town. well have a fun day you all.

    B said...

    I like your phone tactics! Not *too* many political calls here but the
    ones we got were annoying!
    One of the calls H answered the phone and on voting day I was reading the signs along the road while driving and I read a cantidate's name and she shouted "Don't vote for that guy he called us and bugged us!!" hahaha! As it turns out I didn't vote for him anyway.

    I'm glad to hear you had such a good turn out at your polling place!
    We have the new electronic machines so you can go back and change a vote if you want and they give you about three opportunities to double check and change any votes before you "cast" your ballot.
    I was too paranoid to let my kids do any of the voting, but I let them enter the secret code at the beginning.


    sionnach said...

    This is a great idea! Most of our calls were from recordings, though,
    so that wouldn't have worked so well with ours.

    Oh, a cheat sheet! Good idea, too.

    If you don't vote, you haven't earned the bitching privileges you get if you do vote & the results don't end up how you like. ;}

    Lonnie said...

    i made about 500 calls last week urging people to get out and vote. I found that, as in the rest of my life, i prefered to talk to a machine. i wonder how many people listened to my entire 40 sec. presentation and how many of them voted and if anyone voted because of my call who would not have voted if i hadn't called Any guesses?????????

    Kathy S. said...

    I have received several recorded political messages, but they were all from the party that I belong.